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How to buy?

How does one buy in the CIF store?

To make purchases in our store, and acquire product licenses or assistance / training time, you must follow these steps, that are explained below:

Register new account or start session.

To buy in our store you must have registered an account with whch to identify yourself, access the products purchased, and maintain a registry of the products purchased, which you may access at any time.

If you have still not registerd an account, you may do so from the link in the left strip "Register new account" (1).

Upon registering a new account you will be requested identification and contact data, apart from the name and password to start session. The optional data will be used to issue the invoice, though you may always revise them before purchasing, or else purchase without issuing an invoice.

If you have created an account, you may start session using the indicated boxes (2) entering the name of your account and your password.

Select the articles and quantities in the section "Store"

From the section "Store - list of articles" you may add or remove articles, indicating the desired quantity in the box next to the buttons (1).

You may see a summary of the order being processed in the upper left corner (2).

Revise the purchase before processing it

Once the articles have been added to the current order, using the button "Revise or complete purchase" that you may find at the end of the list of articles and below the summary of the current order, you may revise the content of the current order (1), modify the quantities of each article (2), remove those articles that you ultimately don´t want and (3) verify the total amount including VAT, if it is applicable (4).

18% VAT will be charged if the purchaser resides in Spain (except Ceuta, Melilla, and Canaries) or else if he/she has not entered his/her identifiacction data. You may verify and update your country of residence from the section "My data" (5).

Lastly, if you wish you may continue purchasing, or else continue with the purchasing process and process the order (6).

Indicate if you would like an invoice and verify its data.

As part of the purchasing process you must indicate if you would like us to issue an invoice for this process. The data shown correspond to the inforamtion entered in your last purchase, or by default, the information in your account.

If the buyer does not reside in Spanish territory he/she must fill out all these data to avoid being charged the Value Added Tax (IVA). If they are not covered we will not be able to identify the buyer resident in a territory different from Spain, whereby the Law obliges us to charge the VAT.

If you have chosen to issue an invoice, this will be generated once payment of the purchas ehas been confirmed. It is an invoice in PDF format, signed by CIF SL with its digital certificate issued by the spanish certifying entity Camerfirma (

The invoice will be sent to the buyer to the emaal address that you have indicated in the registration of the account, once payment of the purchase has been confirmed, it may also be downloaded entering the section "History of purchases".

Select the payment method and payment confirmation.

You have the following payment methods available:

  • By means of LaCaixa (CaixaBank) secure gateway, using the cards VISA, MASTERCARD o MAESTRO, or else by means of an on-line transference if you have the service "Línea Abierta" with CaixaBank.
  • By means of secure gateway with PayPal.
  • By means of bank transfer from your bank.

Immediate payment confirmation:

If you choose one of the first two payment methods, the secure payment page provided by the respective entities will be shown, and all the payment data will be processed outside our Web site under the supervision of LaCaixa (CaixaBank) or PayPal, respectively. For this, purchase confirmation is immediate and your account will have the purchased items immediately.

Payment confirmation deferred:

If you make the payment by transfer from your Bank the order will be registered, to which a code will be assigned, and the payment confirmation will take place as soon as we receive the transfer.

You may see the payment information to carry out the transfer. This information will also be available at all times from the section "History of changes", where you may see the order placed, pending payment, if you would like to consult the information for the transfer or even cancel it.

Delivery of articles purchased:

Once the payment has been confirmed you may see in your account, depending on the articles purchased, the increase in available licenses and the assistance time available. You may consult the corresponding sections of the help "CIFKM user licenses" and "Assistance / Training"

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Assistance / training

If you need assistance to resolve incidences, doubts or if you require traning on aspects related to our products, you may acquire "Assistance vouchers" in the section "Store".

Each "Assistance voucher" covers 1 hour, that may be used in various specific assistances until the available time has been exhausted. Each assistance is specified by means of the sending of assistance "tickets".

Once you start session with your account, in the section "Assistance/training" (1) you may see the assistance time available (2). You may request the specific assistances, charged to this available time, sending "tickets which may be done pressing "Request remote assistance" (3) and filling out the required data.

The minimum time per specific assistance offered is (ticket) 10 minutes. If you would like to send a ticket and the available residual time doesn´t reach these 10 minutes you will be indicated that you must acquire an “Assistance voucher” whose assistance time will be added to that which you had available.

In the ticket of a specific assistance, You may indicate:

  • The type of assistance that you need, to be chosen from incidence, doubt and training (1).
  • A description on the matter on which you require assistance (2).
  • Your name and contact telephone (3).
  • If you would like the assistance to be immediate or at a later moment, for which you should indicate the date and time proposed in the local time of your Country. If it were not possible to attend to you at the requested time we would contact you via email to propose a new data and time.(4).

Pressing the button "Send ticket" this will be registerd and you will be assigned a 4 digit ticket number, that you must mention to our assistance personnel when they contact you.

Once the ticket has been received we will contact the indicated person by phone. The assistance is handled by remote terminal service and telephone so that we may see your screen and guide you as if we were at your side.

The ticket number may also be consulted from the "History of tickets", visible in the section "Assistance/training". From this history you may also consult the tickets created previously.

When you receive the call from our suppport team, the time will start to be counted, so that if the assistance exceeds the 10 minutes assigned the new minutes will be taken up from your available balance.

If your account reaches a zero balance there is no problem, we will continue attending to the requested assistance until its completion, with no addional charge.

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CIFKM user licenses

Free licenses to install CIFKM

The standard version of CIFKM with all the functionalities, even of development and customization, is offered free including the following licenses for use:

  • Up to 4 internal users, who will have access to all the functionalities, and
  • An unlimited number of external users, who may only access the application by means of a Web navigator to search and download documents.
  • How to increase the number of internal users in a CIFKM installation

    From this store you may purchase individual internal user CIFKM user licenses. These individual licenses will be assigned automatically to the CIFKM installtion asociated to your account in the store, increasing the number of licenses available.

    IMPORTANT: once the account at the store is associated to an a CIFKM installation, one may only increase the number of licenses of that CIFKM installation, buying them by means of that account.

    These individual licenses, once added to a CIFKM installation, may be used to create new CIFKM users, from the section "Add users / Administration of licenses" of the CIF-KM floating icon menu.

    Purchase of individual licenses without an associated CIFKM installation.

    If you purchase individual licenses witha new account in the store, without this being assigned to a CIFKM installation, the individual licenses will be assigned automatically to a future CIFKM installtion as soon as you associate it with this store account.

    Identification of the CIFKM installation asociated from the store

    From the store, and once you start session with your account, you may check the name of the associated CIFKM installation from the section "My data", and when you find yourself in the purchasing process, just before selecting the payment method.

    The name of the CIFKM installation is assigned during the CIFKM installtion process.

    The association of an account at the store with the CIFKM application is done at the time of the CIFKM installation. The account at the store may have been created previously or may have been created from the actual CIFKM application at the time of the association.

    Access to the store from CIFKM and identification of the associated account in the store.

    Once the association of the CIFKM application to an account in the store has been carried out, it is possible to access the store directly from CIF-KM, from the sections "Store (CIFSTORE)" and "Add users / Administration of licenses" of the CIF-KM floating icon, to be able to purchase more individual licenses or assistance time.

    From CIFKM, in the already commented sections, you may consult the number of individual licenses available and which have been assigned.

    Are the individual licenses good for only one CIFKM user?

    An individual license, assigned to a CIFKM user, will be freed upon the discharge of a CIFKM user, which will allow for the use of the individual license by a new CIFKM user.

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